Fabric Selections for Bow Ties

Unless otherwise stated, the fabrics shown are standard quilting weight cotton. Each is captioned with a name; please use that name if you order so I am certain I am using the fabric you want! Fabrics in short supply are noted as well.

My apologies that some of the fabrics are wrinkled. I wanted to get photos up ASAP so I didn't take time to iron. Rest assured, your bow tie will be made with properly ironed fabric and sewn with care!

80s Jean Dream (light denim weight)


Sunshine (colour somewhat brighter IRL)

Black (suit weight cotton)

Balance of nature (enough fabric for ONE bow tie only)

Green BubbleCloud


Green pattern



Floral (note-- there is enough fabric for the bow ONLY, if you want this fabric, I recommend a solid colour for the tie in the centre)


Deep Red (this is a richer, deeper red than caught on camera)

Brown (suit weight cotton)


Flowing Hair

Darker denim (light weight denim, 2 bow ties worth of fabric)

Strawberry Shortcake (flannel)

Flowers and Buds

Birthday (enough for 1 bow tie)

Little Girl


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